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We’re burdened to reach even more people in the beach community with the Gospel. Eternity is in the balance.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to put aside for a future site.

Having money in the bank and commitments made for the two-year Forging the Future initiative will help us plan for costly moves in the future. Having capital on hand enables the most strategic negotiation of terms with a seller. It will help us best determine the size and scope of projects we can afford.


Pastor Kent’s vision is to, in the decades to come, plant churches up and down the coast, from San Diego to Seattle all with the Beachcities brand. These will be video venues that will all focus around the same weekend messages. We know that new churches reach new people.

Because we are a church that exists to help people find Christ and grow, we must take seriously the call of Christ to “Go and make disciples…”

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