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We burdened to provide additional programming for adults and families to grow in their relationship with God.

We want to raise $200,000 to hire additional a few key staff members including: Adult Ministries Director, Care Coordinator, and an Operations Director.


Our Adult Ministries Director will exist to provide oversight and additional programing to our entire adult ministries department including, but not limited to small groups, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Stephen Ministry, and our ROF programs. It is our desire that we would be able to provide additional growth experiences like marriage conferences, singles conferences, church-wide retreats, etc. In order to be able to accomplish the full programming that we think is appropriate for our adults, we must build out that department by hiring additional staff.

Our Care Coordinator will focus on providing care not only to those within our congregation by partnering with Stephen Ministry, but will also be responsible for facilitating outreach to those outside of our church family in our community of Huntington Beach.

Our Operations Director will focusing primarily on developing systems and managing the teams that help everything to run efficiently and smoothly church-wide. This includes, but is not limited to, our facility needs, our accounting needs, our security and hospitality needs, etc.

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