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Campus Upgrades


We feel burdened to be good stewards of our current facility and take advantage of every square foot that God has provided. We want to create safe environments and fun atmospheres for families to connect.

Our goal is to raise $800,000 for a full campus remodel. We’ll revamp our Coffee Room, some of our common spaces, and our outdoor space.

Check out some plans for what the space is going to look like in the future!


Our facility upgrade has two primary objectives: to improve people flow/traffic issues and to also provide safe, fun environments for people to hang out and connect.

As you can see from the renderings, we will be reconfiguring our outdoor space to provide additional seating as well as two fire-pits to facilitate quality conversation before and after services. The inside of our downstairs will feature the widening of our hallways that are currently providing pinch points and a number of different setups of tables and chairs to facilitate conversation. It’s our desire that Beachcities would provide a warm, fun, engaging, and physically appealing environments for people to connect.

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